We provide You specific solutions

We are a business group dedicated to the distribution and transformation of steel products by grade, processes, and costumer sectors.

We work with the greatest flexibility to guarantee our clients to have a personalized service, creating a high added value throughout the supply chain.

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Your Best Ally

Our goal is to be more than a supplier, we seek to be a strategic ally for your business

We work with you to convert our commitments into Alliances.


Effectiveness and leadership

Our management is based on the continuous increase of these values.

We have a wide experience and knowledge of the steel business, backed by our leadership trajectory in this sector.

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Company based on transparency, initiative and talent imparting specialized and specific training, as a guarantor of this.


Contribution of real value with continued progress, converting commitments into Alliances.


Executive organization with responsible autonomy and linked to the business of all those involved in the market  where we are protagonists


Management focused on the continuous increase of the value of the company by reputation, efficiency and leadership.

Alianzas en aceros

Alianzas en Aceros arises from the Union between JZ International as majority shareholder and particle investors. Together they provide a solid business proposal that combines extensive experience and knowledge, with an independent management team and a significant financial capacity.

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