Quality, Environment and Security Policy


Certificate ISO9001 Alianzas en Aceros

It is the policy of ALIANZAS EN ACEROS, S.L.U. to satisfy our Costumers expectations and needs in harmony with the target of satisfaction of the property that supports us, establishing and maintaining the high quality of our products and services, while promoting respect for the environment.

In summary, our policy of ALIANZAS EN ACEROS, S.L.U. It is based on the following principles:

The Client is the essential element and reason for our company's existence. Therefore, knowing their needs and judgments is essential for us. Only this way, we may satisfy them.

An important part of this Customer satisfaction lies in the quality of service. Our commitment is to increase flexibility and reduce reaction time to Customer orders.

Therefore, all developed activities must be conceived and executed focused toward this objective, which means that Quality is everyone's responsibility.

Continuous improvement is the guarantee of the future. Our target is to reduce errors and the causes that produce them by introducing preventive schemes. Our goal is to minimize defects as well as improve our environmental performance.

Our suppliers contribute in a valuable way to helping us in satisfying the Client's needs. Their contribution is key to achieving success in the markets of today and tomorrow.

Compliance with current legislation, as well as any other requirements that the organization subscribes to.

Prevent the pollution that our activity could cause by adopting good environmental practices and incorporating the necessary and possible improvements in our processes, in order to minimize the environmental impacts that could arise as a result of our activity, improving our environmental performance with the ultimate target of protecting the environment.

Allocate the necessary resources for effective management of occupational risk prevention.

Our Quality may be measured not only in reaching specifications and legal requirements, but also in exceeding the expectations of our Clients, in each and every aspect of our business. Our path to excellence unquestionably involves achieving Customer Satisfaction.

From the environmental point of view, the identification of significant environmental aspects will be the basis for the designation of the environmental objectives to be followed


Puerto de Sagunto, November 28th, 2022