Our Activity

the Activity of Alianzas en Aceros

Alianzas en Aceros is a business group specialized in the distribution and transformation of steel products through three lines of business:

flat products service center

We provide SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS in flat steel products and their transformation processes. We work with the greatest flexibility to guarantee our customers a CUSTOMIZED SERVICE AND "CUSTOMIZED", creating a high added value throughout the supply chain.

Our offer is based on the longitudinal and transversal cut of coils, which allow us to obtain strapping and plates, offering great response capacity and the highest finishing quality in cutting. We supply multiple formats, types of material and thicknesses



Main features:

  • It is structured geographically in two centers: Campollano (Albacete) and Esquiroz (Navarra). Its logistic range allows us to combine the distribution of specialized value-added products, such as tubes, with other common products of the industrial sectors in these areas
  • Cross-Docking activity: thanks to it, we can complement our Service Centers, in the supply logistics to customers, when it is required more closeness and frequency of delivery. In this way, AeA is able to provide a broader offer by providing global solutions to specific customer needs.
  • Aimed at all company sizes from retail to large accounts.
  • Based on a wide product range and quality of service.


Factory direct sales to large consumer customers. We are specialized in coils, beams and thick plate and we work locally and internationally.

We obtain a clear logistical advantage: the materials do not pass through our facilities, going directly from the port or factory to our customers.